My Career at BCC

February 28, 2010

Hello World,

My career at BCC is coming to a close. I started BCC in Winter of 2005 to get an associates degree in accounting. I got that plus 2 other associate degrees and several littler degrees. I needed this class plus 2 other to transfer to UW because I have no High School credits. Hard to belevie that even with 150 college credits I would need 3 more classes. I will miss BCC I made a lot of friends and had a lot of fun.

Other note my son will turn 3 on March 8th.

Thanks for reading my post.



Update – I haven’t Died

February 19, 2010

Hello World and Worpress pesonas.

Let see… I went to see a marriage consular. I found it to be very enlightening. Lets talk about video games. Love em I do. I wish I could play video games all day long. Wife hates em. I wish I didn’t have to work. I don’t really like blogging. I am tired of being the IT guy at work. I used to like to work on computers but not so much now.

That is it for now.

Falling Off

February 5, 2010

Hello World

I have fallen off the wagon as far as working out is concerned. I must recommit myself….

Workless Wednesday

January 28, 2010

I took time off from work to do homework all day. What a nice day it was.

Back to work tomorrow.

Buenos Noches

January 26, 2010


Yo habla español.

Yo necesito practicar  mio español.

Nosotros deseamos viajar mirar el escritorio.

Mio la compañero de cuarto desear caminar casa.

Que bueno?

Stardate: Tuesday 19th 7:22pm

January 20, 2010

So I got my 12 yr old stepson to work out with my wife and I last night. He is skinny but can’t even do a pull-up. Not that I can talk I can do like 4 in a row. I remember being a kid and doing like 15. What happened?

We did P90x and lifted some weights.

Tonight we are going to do Shaun T’s Plyo. That’s tough stuff but my cold is starting to wane so will be all good.

My son will be 3 in March. Where did the time go?

Sunday’s Post

January 17, 2010

Its been a bad couple of weeks if your a true Packers fan.

Lost to Cardinals in  a shoot out cause your defense stinks err Jared Bush stinks.

Brent Farve made it to NFC championship game. Ugh! Hate that guy.

Well on with the show.

I still have a cold and it’s a chect cold so working out is tough to due.

Yesterday my wife and I managed to do Shaun T’s Cardio Abs video. and lift some weights.

Here is a chart. Sorry its a little hard to follow showing my wife’s and I’s progress.

Body Fat Weight
Date Ben Jenette Ben Jenette
11/21/2009 24.90% 28.00% 166.6 135
12/21/2009 21.60% 26.00% 161.4
12/27/2009 20.30% 27.00% 162.2 138.8
12/28/2009 21.30% 28.00% 157.6 139
12/30/2009 20.40% 160.4
12/31/2009 26.40% 136.8
1/2/2010 21.40% 158.8
1/10/2010 19.40% 25.00% 159.4 135
1/16/2010 21.10% 159
Goal 11.00% 19.00% 147 127
Goals remaining 10.10% 6.00% 12 8

January 17, 2010

This blog is going to be about me trying to go from 24.9% body ft to 11%.

I have been sick for the last six days so I have not tried so hard lately.

My lowest body fat  19.4% today it was 21.1%.

I’ll post more detail little later.

Hello world!

January 15, 2010

This is my son.