Stardate: Tuesday 19th 7:22pm

So I got my 12 yr old stepson to work out with my wife and I last night. He is skinny but can’t even do a pull-up. Not that I can talk I can do like 4 in a row. I remember being a kid and doing like 15. What happened?

We did P90x and lifted some weights.

Tonight we are going to do Shaun T’s Plyo. That’s tough stuff but my cold is starting to wane so will be all good.

My son will be 3 in March. Where did the time go?


One Response to “Stardate: Tuesday 19th 7:22pm”

  1. Sterlinho Says:

    How long does it take to do a P90 x routine? I’ve heard a lot about that system, but I don’t know anything about it.

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